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A range of luxury yachts, motor yachts and sailing yachts for chartering or sale. Explore the yachting worls of Greece with us, enjoy cruises in the greek seas, in a boat of your choice.

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Golden Visa

The Greek Investment Immigration law , gives the possibility of granting residence permits to foreign investors . The condition is to purchase a property with a minimum value of 250.000 euros. Buying a property in Greece will qualify a non-EU citizen to get a permanent residence permit . The residence permit can be renewed indefinitely every five years as long as the ownership of the property remains in the applicant’s name. Other family members could also get the visa ( children only under the age of twenty one ) . We are able to providing expert advice and assistance, working with immigration lawyers , through the whole process and helping to collect all the necessary documents


Why to buy property in Greece?

Greece is a well known destination for its summers , 300 days of sunshine. The country is surrounded by the sea , the longest Mediterranean coastline.
There are 1400 islands about , of which only 169 are inhabited, 60 lakes , 25 rivers and 250 mountains, big geographical diversity.
An immense diversity of extraordinary beaches and picturesque locations.

The Mediterranean climate, the food , the culture , the lifestyle make it one of the most dreamy destinations worldwide.

Dinning, shopping, leisure, nightlife, art , sports , water sports, golf courses, sailings, there are so many things to do and enjoy in Greece.

There are more competitive prices , compared to other Mediterranean destinations.
The transaction costs are certainly lower.

The steps for buying a property in Greece are :
. Appointing a real estate company
. Legal and technical due diligence
. Preliminary contract
. Deposit of transfer tax
. Final contract and registration of property transfer

Greece is an ideal investment destination .

If you buy any property in Greece , you are eligible of course, for the Greek Golden Visa Program with the other members of the family (children under the age of twenty one ).